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    Saturday, May 26, 2012

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    Wednesday, May 23, 2012

    Our Annual Threat Assessment:

    Annual Threat Assessment:

    We are going to back into the analysis of

    threats starting with current news.

    Withdraw from Afghanistan:

    When US does draw down its going to get

    very bloody, a big push by the taliban

    to retake country by terror.

    While the Afghan Mil isn't prepared the

    Afghan people are. They have had a taste

    of Western democracy and economy and

    have the tools to know- not to be fooled

    by the taliban, tools: cell phone and internet.

    They will not go back to the 1700's of the


    Eventually Pakistan Mil and ISI will be known

    as the major terrorists actors in the theatre.

    Hiding Osama and Zawahri. Our BSU's

    tracking Taliban & al qaeda wana be recruits

    world wide, numbers down to single

    digits daily.

    And the Taliban playing Pakistan and

    Afghanistan against each other.

    Taliban have no global goals as al Qaeda did.

    Al Qaeda for all intents and proposes is


    Binny himself said every time he set up a

    shadow government US DOD would take it


    Al qaeda is now a mop up operation, but

    is still capable of launching small global


    Al qaeda has lost, their paradigm has failed

    and brought on 10 years of war.

    the arab spring offers a working paradigm

    for the Ummah.

    Iran is only a threat if they get a nuke,

    They are not a rational player, they

    took over the American embassy.

    The 13th Imam paradigm calls for Agamemnon,

    End of times theme.

    MAD mutually assured destruction

    is a goal of the 13 Imam paradigm.

    In a US war against Iran they will be almost

    a no show. Irans budget is equal to about

    1/2 the value of the tax write off the Republicans

    gave billionaires.= $700 Billion.

    Iran's entire budget to run Iran is about

    $350 billion.


    The cyber weapons NSA HAS IN PLACE

    in Iran now could put the Persian culture back 200 yrs.

    When the cyber attack hits Iran it will shake

    the foundations of the worlds strategic defence paradigms.

    In the Iran attack the cyber war effect will astonish world 

    like atom bomb did,


    Cyber Guards, NO, CROSS WALK GUARDS

    We got Fu*ked

    Terrorism and Nuclear weapons are not viable

    weapons. Binny demonstrated the US response

    to terrorism, 10 yrs of unremitting war.

    Iran and N Korea skys belong to the US Air Force

    with stealth drones and other platforms.

    And their communications and Internets

    are wide open to NSA. Son of stuxnet

    cancelled last NK launch.

    The biggest threat to US from foreign

    enemy's has been demonstrated by

    American Wall St Banks.

    It is a systemic threat.

    Republicans have shown themselves

    as unprincipled WHORES willing

    to sell out for the right price.

    And thre Supreme Court has ruled

    Corporations have same rights as citizens.


    And can donate bribes in secret through

    Super Packs.

    Wall St Banks WSB have committed

    fraud on a GRAND scale, selling

    "D" grade bonds as "AAA"

    THE WORLD OVER, Sub-Prime paper. Then were

    bailed out by Congress when they got

    caught holding their own bad sub-prime

    paper, then used fake foreclosures to

    take homes from US citizens.


    All with the blessings of the Republican

    Whores in congress. Some Democrats also.



    The Wall St Banks almost brought down

    the WORLDS economic system, stole trillions

    from sale of sub-prime world wide and Republicans

    voted to cut FBI budget to stop investigation of the

    Wall St Banks.


    A state enemy of the US could bring the USA

    down legally by donating bribes to Republican


    Pharmacy Corporations are making BILLIONS off the

    Meth epidemic

    Republicans voted to give 400 Billionaire families

    $700 billion in tax cuts and cut mil budget

    by $650 billion even in the face of

    War with Iran, JUST WHORES.

    The Feds used to prosecute loan sharks

    for 100% interest/vig.

    But Comptroller of the Currency made

    Wall St Bank pay day loans with 460%

    interest LEGAL.

    The SEC allows congressmen to

    do insider trades with impunity

    but sent Martha Stewart to prison

    for same thing.

    Allowing corporations unlimited

    donations of bribes to the Republican

    whores in congress is the biggest threat

    the US faces today, it has become systemic.

    With bribes Wall St Banks bribes they got

    Glass Stegall repealed. 34 pages.

    Now Frank Dodd has had its teeth pulled

    with 3000 pages of loop holes.

    Chase Bank gets exemption from Frank

    Dodd and causes $3 billion loss.

    The inmates are running the asylum.

    And I've only scratched the surface

    of the banking fraud.

    The problems with the Greek economy

    and their threat to pull out of the Euro

    weakens the Euro and strengthens the US

    dollar. The Euro is at risk.

    The $3 billion loss at Chase Bank

    in CDS credit default swaps,

    is evidence Frank Dodd bill is

    ineffective, Wall St Banks have

    defeated regulation again,

    nothing has changed for Wall St Banks.

    They are rogue and will bring on another

    credit crash, they are laughing at the FBI/DOJ.

    They are a systemic and the major RISK for USA.

    Still trading in secret CDS.

    A CDS is not a product like stock or a bond.

    It is a bet on the direction an investment will move.

    Also used as an insurance policy against losses.

    But the issuer is not a regulated Insurance Co.

    with reserves to cover any losses but the issuer is

    a Wall St Bank using deposits ( FDIC insured )

    to pay the losses. Chase has missing client funds.

    And no one knows the Amount of CDS ISSUED.

    But its in hundreds of TRILLIONS.

    AGI wrote CDS to insure sub-prime paper

    even though Standard & Poors gave sub-prime

    a AAA credit rating. But the Wall St Banks

    knew sub-prime wasn't AAA quality and

    tried to buy insurance to protect themselves.

    But the CDS as Insurance turned out to be

    worthless as AGI couldn't cover the losses.

    So the Feds stepped in and paid the AGI insurance

    claims to the Wall St Banks, and still bailed out

    the Wall St Banks.

    But the Wall St Banks didn't know how many

    credit default swaps the other banks wrote

    Knowing the fraud and lack of regulation

    the Wall St Banks quit lending to each other.

    Not knowing the true credit worthiness of

    the other Wall St Banks cut off credit to

    everyone almost bringing down the WORLD

    banking system.


    Wall St Banks still doing secret CDS.

    Still no regulation, look at CHASE BANK.

    CDS still used for gambling in TRILLIONS.

    Republicans willing to crash economy

    to defeat Obama.

    DATE END OF 2012


    SERIES 3 & 7
    Internet Sys analyst
    War Anthropologist

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