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    Wednesday, June 01, 2011

    Preliminary Saleem Shahzad Assassination Investigation.

    Saleem Shahzad Assassination Investigation.

    The Saleem Shahzad Assassination has left a
    trail of Evidence.

    His killers are of one of two camps.
    Insurgents or the ISI.

    Lets look at the insurgents, Taliban or
    al qaeda.

    If it was the insurgents they would have
    claimed responsibility.
    If it was them, and he did have contact with
    them, the obvious reason might have been
    they thought he was a spy.
    But there is NO evidence that is the case.
    And a shot in the Stomach is not the
    Taliban or al Qaeda way of execution.
    And they most likely would have video taped it.
    I think one can eaisly rule them out as suspects.

    The next suspect is the ISI.

    "Persons of Interest":
     ISI: Rear Admiral Adnan Nawaz or Nazir.
    Commodore Khalid Pervaiz: 
    I want THEIR Email addys

    Because in the victims own words,
    "I am forwarding this email to you for your record only if in case something happens to me or my family in the future." After the meeting at ISI headquarters, "he said he was being followed and receiving threatening phone calls."
    He admits he is under surveillance.

    Rear Adm. Adnan Nazir, director general of the ISI's media wing, ( Media wing? aka Propaganda arm, and strong arms, intimidates reporters to get the kind of press coverage ISI wants, G ) and Commodore Khalid Pervaiz, Nazir's deputy. ( Commodore Khalid Pervaiz has taken the charge of Naval Aviation Base"-#Pakistan Navy Statement. #karachiattacks. )

    He was running the Base when Shahzad wrote his piece, made the 
    Commodore look very bad.
    They demanded that Shahzad explain an Asia Times article he had written in which he alleged that Pakistan had released Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Afghan Taliban's former second in command who had been arrested the previous February. Admiral Nazir, according to Shahzad's notes, said that the "story had caused a lot of embarrassment for the country" and suggested that Shahzad write a retraction.

    This is a Admiral asking for a retraction, note the Admiral never said 
    it wasn't true of refuted the facts of the story.

    Shahzad refused, calling the idea "impractical." He said the story was leaked to him by "an intelligence channel"—meaning an ISI agent—and confirmed by "credible" Taliban sources.

    ISI would like to know who the reporters sources were, ISI doesn't like

     But Admiral Nazir seemed to interject a note of menace at the end, informing Shahzad that the ISI had recently arrested a terrorist who had a lot of material in his possession, including a hit list. "If I find your name on the list," Shahzad quoted him as saying, "I will certainly let you know."

    Over 70 reporters have been killed in Pakistan, and ISI conviction rate
    for reporter murders is ZERO,  Guess finding a reporters murders is about as hard as finding OBL living under their nose for 5+ yrs.

    Some have argued a zero conviction rate isn't evidence of culpability 
    just proof of ISI INCOMPENTENCE. Like in the OBL case.

    @akchishti: All of #saleemShazad's notes and 2 dairies had been stolen. @omar_quraishi ( From his car, G )

    So this was at least the second time Shazad made Commodore Khalid Pervaiz look very bad and very angry.

    Our sources inside ISI says Commodore Khalid Pervaiz runs Black
    ops, for ISI and is completely trusted by the higher ups.
    Did Shazad make Commodore Khalid Pervaiz personally angry
    enough to shoot Shazad in the stomach and watch him die a excruciatingly 
    painfully death over many hours? 
    All sources report he is a very nice and polite man.

    The Murders know it certainly sends all reporters a clear message.
    (Speaks to motive,G)
    The torture marks indicate they wanted some information, and
    they got it, he was Tortured to get his sources?

    And once they got the information, they didn't kill him.
    They shot him in the stomach, and let him die slowly,
    didn't put him out of his misery. but let him suffer for
    hours, these murders have no conscience.
    No humanity, it was just a political ploy to gain
    more control and power over the Media.

    The murder is a Serial murder.
    ( We are withholding some Intel, until we get
    secondary confirmation, G )

    Question was he shot or stabbed in Liver?

    Sex is the primary motive, whether or not the victims are dead, and fantasy plays a large role in their killings. Their sexual gratification depends on the amount of torture and mutilation they perform on their victims. They usually use weapons that require close contact with the victims, such as knives or hands. As killers continue with their murders, the time between killings decreases or the required level of stimulation increases, sometimes both

    I want to emphasis this person is a Psychopath lacks empathy and guilt, are egocentric and impulsive, and theoretically do not conform to social, moral and legal norms.  
    They may appear to be normal and often quite charming, a state of adaptation that psychiatrist Hervey Cleckley called the "mask of sanity"
    60 percent wet their beds beyond the age of 12.
    Intelligence, with IQs in the "bright normal" range.
    They are often abandoned by their fathers and raised by domineering mothers.
    Their families often have criminal, psychiatric and alcoholic histories.
    From an early age, many are intensely interested in voyeurismfetishism, and sadomasochistic pornography.
    They are involved in sadistic activity or torturing animals.
    And capable of Genocide.

    Aneeqa Saleem sat in shocked disbelief on the corner of a bed. Trauma seems a small word for the expressions on their three children. The youngest, 7-year-old Rehman Shah, was completely focused on trying to make his mother smile. "Mom, you still not happy?" he kept asking. "When will you smile?" His mother only looked at him helplessly.
    She said she wants no criminal charges filed, nothing said to accuse any institution or organization, no autopsy. The case should be buried with her husband, she insisted. On a television in the room, a newscast showed pictures of his battered corpse. "My handsome husband!" she said. "Just look what they have made of him."
    The murders have certainly scared his wife, God be with her. RIP

    #1)caliber of bullet,
     #2)Map with his place,TV station,car,body.
    #3) Photos of  Rear Admiral Adnan Nawaz or Nazir,
    Commodore Khalid Pervaiz:
    #4) Both their email addys.

    's death makes front page news in 

    Investigation is moving forward.
    We check every lead.
    And still have Many to check out.
    Please report all leads.









    Pick a site here: 

    Post info and send me the URL.
    Contact us if you have information.

    If you have info on  case We have Secure,encrypted,cloaked com channel set up 4 U 

     we have opened a Shahzad Wiki , reporters only, U Need twitter acct ID's U as reporter & pre dates his death, for admission.


    War Anthropologist

    Buy his book here: BUY $24.15
    Help his family:

    ISI rebuttal:

    Salim Shahzad death source of concern for entire nation: ISI officialPDFPrintE-mail
    ISLAMABAD, Jun 1 (APP): The unfortunate and tragic death of Syed Saleem Shahzad is a source of concern for the entire nation but the incident should not be used to target and malign the country’s security agency, said an ISI official Wednesday on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the job. “The reported meeting between the journalist and ISI officials of the Information Management Wing was held on 17th October 2010 to discuss a story he had done for Asia Online on  15th October, and the meeting had nothing sinister about it,” said the official.
    “It is part of the Wing’s mandate to remain in touch with the journalist community. Main objective behind all such interactions is provision of accurate information on matters of national security. ISI also makes it a point to notify institutions and individuals alike of any threat warning received about them”, he said.
    The ISI official further said that “the reported e-mail of Mr. Saleem Shahzad to Mr Ali Hasan Dayan of HRW which is being made the basis of baseless allegations leveled against ISI has no veiled or unveiled threats in it.” 
    The official pointed out that in the words of Mr. Syed Saleem Shahzad himself, “the conversation was held in an extremely polite and friendly atmosphere and there was no mince word in the room at any stage”.
    It is regrettable that some sections of the media have taken upon themselves to use the incident for targeting and maligning the ISI, said the official. Baseless accusations against the country’s sensitive agencies for their alleged involvement in Shahzad’s murder are totally unfounded. In the absence of any evidence and when an investigation is still pending, such allegations tantamount to unprofessional conduct on the part of the media. 
    The “ISI offers its deepest and heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and assures them that it will leave no stone unturned in helping to bring the perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice,” the official stated.
    At the same time, said the ISI official, the media should act with responsibility to avoid any possible legal course. It should refrain from baseless allegations against the ISI that seek to deliberately malign the organization in the eyes of the people of Pakistan, he said. 
    ( ISI still threating reporters, that says a lot,G)


    .Opened Wiki for Investigation of Shahzad assassination. 



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