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    Monday, April 11, 2011

    GOP fraud and hypocrisy .

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    Gerald center, floor NYSE

    The GOP talks about wanting to cut the FAT, wasteful spending.
    Who wouldn't be for that?

    But thats not what the GOP actions say.
    They say trim the Fat but want to cut the toes off.
    While eating one of the biggest feasts of the century.

    Is Giving Wall St Billionaire Bankers a $700 billion
    tax break cutting the FAT?

    The Oil companies made $7 trillion in profits
    yet the Republicans continue a $40 billion dollar subsidy?
    Thats not my idea of cutting the FAT.

    The GOP needs to stop giving their rich buddies,
    Billions of dollars in the middle of a budget crisis.
    Thats disingenuous, fraudulent and its hypocrisy.
    Its insulting to the voters, we are not stupid we
    see what your doing.

    What do they want to cut?

    Cut Social Security, health care, pell grants,
    minimum wage, heating program for poor,
    Food stamp programs, Military budget during
    a period there are TWO on going wars.
    And killing Medicaid Medicare.

    They legalized crime, usury is legal.
    640% payday loans are legal,
    30% on credit cards is legal.

    As a Credit card user you Have to notify CC 
    to stop illegal charges, by registered mail,
    or they can continue to break the law.
    Notify criminal of their crime before they 
    are required to stop, GOP provided a criminal shield.

    New regs on Credit card Co, If they are charging 
    you Illegal fees U must notify them by registered mail, 
    before they have to stop, if you don't know they are
    committing a crime against you, then they get away 
    with it.

    Something else in the New credit card regulations
    is a clause preventing States from regulating
    credit card interest rates in their states.

    The GOP blocked unemployment benefits
    until the Billionaires got their $700 billion
    tax cut, and Obama went for it, dumbass.

    And its not just the GOP behind this criminalization
    of American business some of the Democrats are going 
    along with it also.

    First we remove the republicans who are whoring
    for Wall St Banks then go after the Democrats.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: I call shenanigans!" on the GOP...
    Cutting the safety nets for the poor during a major recession
    is unconscionable, disgusting and brings shame to America.

    We need to stop listening to the puke they espouse
    and look at what they are doing, we are not stupid.

    Maybe some of these social programs need trimming
    but not during a huge down cycle, a recession maybe a

    But do the Democrats have the balls or guts
    to confront this head on, or will they fold
    again to the GOP whining? WIMPS.
    Why don't the Democrats have the brains
    to take advantage of these GOP suicide
    Obama negotiates like eunuch......!
    Eunuchs DO NOT get re-elected.

    Tell them what you think on twitter: Clickable:
    GOP Republicans:
    @ @ @ 
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    @ @
    @ @@ 
    @ @

    GOP Killing the poor is not the answer.

    I was a member of the GOP I voted for them for
    5 years, but I don't recognize the party now.
    No CONSCIENCE to much whoring for Wall St Banks.
    Selling out the American tax payer to Wall St.

    In order to hold the budget and costs down,
    the Federal Reserve has bought almost  Trillion
    dollars of US DEBT, T bonds.
    Other countries wouldn't buy them a such low
    interest rates, so the Fed did.
    Its a sham a fraud, the US Government is buying
    its own bonds to keep running and keep
    interest rates down.

    As interest rates rise and they have to, US can't
    go on buying its own debt, they are just printing money.
    That creates huge inflation pressure and pressure to 
    deflate the dollar. Look at your food bills.

    As interest rates rise the Federal Reserve will be
    caught with HUGE losses from decline principal values
    of the bonds.

    If you are in a long term bond fund, GET OUT.
    Long term bond funds never mature.
    Increasing interest rates will cause a 
    significant decline in value. -10 % to 15%.

    If you are in long term bonds get OUT.
    Principal values will take a big hit from
    increasing interest rates.

    Move to short term bond funds it will lower
    payouts but will protect your principal.

    As higher interest rates level off, 1 to 3 yrs,
    you can reinvest in longer term bonds and bond
    funds again, with higher safe payouts with all
    of your principal.

    The GOP needs to stop double dealing,
    giving billionaire buddies Billion dollar tax
    cuts and subsidy's.

    The Dems involoved we will be coming
    for your jobs also.

    WhoUvote4 ???

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