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    Saturday, February 05, 2011

    Video: Suleiman Assassination Attempt

    Paradigm intel confirms VP Suleiman,
    Target of Assassination Attempt That Killed 
    Two Bodyguards.

    A senior Obama administration official confirmed that the attack happened soon after Suleiman was appointed, on Jan. 29. The official described it as an organized attack on Suleiman's motorcade.

    You can clearly see evil people milling around
    posing as civilians in the video, are actually Assassins
    and Mobarak haters.

    Note their attempt to try and slow or
    stop the van with their bodies.

    Two undercover government agents
    gave their lives, as the heavily armored
    Government Van speeds thru the crowd
    barely avoiding the assassins trap.

    Later investigation will show the dead undercover
    Government agents that were run over were assigned
    to his body guard squad post mortem.

    So two bodyguards were killed during the
    assassination attempt.... by the driver.

    Suleiman duly reported the incident to proper
    authorities indicating he was lucky to escape
    with his life, his other bodyguards gave sworn

    We are working on a second confirmation/source
    besides the Paradigm Intel.
    Attempts to reach Suleiman went unanswered.
    We would be pleased to post Suleiman's response.




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