Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Work arounds for Egyptian Gov Web shut off

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    Friday, January 28, 2011

    Work arounds for Egyptian Gov Web shut off

    More of our INTEL

    Dial up access for : +46850009990 +492317299993 +4953160941030 user:telecomix password:telecomix by

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: 
    Field treatment of war wounds, FIRST AID 

    شرکت يا عدم شرکت در انتخابات مجلس - سوالي که ديگر خنده دار نمي دانم 

    الانثروبولوجيا الإنترنت مفكرين : كن على البحث عن  BOLOs

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: three Twitter BOLO's Be On the Look Out

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank:"Demonstrators Portal " SECURITY,MEDICAL,COMMUNICATION 

    During jamming Al Jazeera English can be watched on
    Hotbird 13E Frequency: 11034 Vertical FEC: 3/4 Symbol rate: 27500
    Badr4/Eurobird 2 (26East) Frequency : 11680.8 Horizontal; SR: 27.5: FEC: 3/4
    Nilesat/ Atlantic Bird4A (7West) Frequency: 11393 Vertical; SR:27.5; FEC :3/4
    During jamming, Al Jazeera Arabic can be watched on Nilesat 7W Frequency: 11555 Vertical FEC: 3/4 Symbol rate: 27500
    You can watch Al Jazeera English live stream directly on our website.
    See also: Satellite frequencies and full details of carriers on cable and ADSL.

    FOR THOSE WITHOUT INTERNET, TEXT TO +31624961351 / +390662207294 / +442033184514

    Dutch ISP provider XS4ALL has set up an internet dial-up for +31205350535 user / pass: xs4all

    +4923197844321 - User/Pass telecomix/telecomix , free internet for ! 

    Nour DSL is still working in Egypt, Dial up with 0777 7776 or 07777 666

    IP addresses for social media: pass on to people in : Twitter: Facebook:  Google: 

    how to circumvent the communications blackout in  Arabic 

     frequenciesfor   PLEASE SPREAD IRC: 

    Ham Radio Software software for PC, Mac and Linux Communicate w/ 04FD6AE46E95F1E46B5264528C48EA84DB10CAC4 <- Tor Bridge

     there is an Old DSL Dialup 24564600

    Send SMS reports to +1 949 209 7559 and they will retweet for you. Please spread to Egyptians on battlefield

     hams are on 7.050-7.200 MHz LSB

    Egypt Gov only blocking by DNS. So for Twitter try Facebook Proxy

    VPN Server  is now stable and open for FREE to ALL 

    Help the Egypt Revolutionaries by overcoming the Firewall:

    0m band, 7.050-7.20­0 MHz LSB, 318.5 degrees (northwest­/north from cairo) Ham Radio Operators

    We are now providing dialup modem service at +46850009990. user/pass: telecomix/telecomix (only for , respect that please!).

    People of Egypt! Use this dial-up provided by friends in France 2 go online: +33172890150 (login 'toto' password 'toto')


    Vodafone Customers in : change your Message Center Number from +20105996500 to +20105996713 to send SMS

    Al Jazeera has setup a hotline for emergencies. if you're in 
    , and need help, call +97444888873

    Msg on Al Jazeera: Our signal has been cut: new frequency is 10949V SR: 27500 FEC:3/4

    : Those wishing to depart via USG chartered transportation should contact us: or 1-202-501-4444.

    Missing Persons list:

    Many courtesy of Anonymous.


    My tweet: We are picking up some noise and chatter about a military take over in Egypt, NOTHING confirmed, Prez AWOL over an hour late for speech, G 3:00 pm est 01.28.10

    My tweet: Egyptian authorities were holding talks to establish a "transitional government," 4:00 pm est 01.28.10

    My Tweet: Wafd party:period of transitional rule, new parliamentary elections and amendments, constitution limiting presidential terms 4:05 est pm 01.28.10

    Current Gov failed to convince him to step down and are being replaced for
    their efforts.

    If your only reading the Blog your only getting half our Intel.

    Mubarak's Game plan:

    How to Treat Gunshot & Knife Wounds

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: 
    Field treatment of war wounds, FIRST AID 

    Operations Security, PC, Cell phone etc, English, Arabic.

    Organize on Facebook Securely | demonstrators, -

    EXCLUSIVE: Paradigm Intel on Libyan Operation

    We welcome sources,secure, encrypted,cloaked communications channel will be set up for you 


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