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    Tuesday, January 04, 2011

    Privacy Yours or mine?

    This blog set to diaplay 20 days of posts. Sorry Blogspot only shows 3 days, waiting for a Google fix, G

    I had an interesting conversation with a wikileak supporter.
    About my posts on wikileaks violating privacy, 
    releasing secret cables that pertained to no wrong doing.
    And how even Governments are entitled to privacy.
    Especially when the cables don't relate to ANY wrong
    doing, many just gossip.

    His response was that if your not doing any thing wrong 
    you don't need privacy.
    And said he had nothing to hide.
    So I asked permission to violate his privacy and
    look at his surfing history, the sites he visited, and maybe
    his email.

    He gave me permission,
    told me to go ahead and look.

    I reported back to him some of the Adult
    sites he visited and that he had erased from his
    history, and he changed his mind about privacy.

    I would never expose him and have deleted all
    data I gathered, to NSA standards. Resealing his

    But that points to the importance of privacy,
    especially our own.
    And you should be careful who you give
    permission to.

    Anonymous has been talking about lighting
    up Jester, exposing his true identity.

    Because of the anti-terror work he does they
    could be putting his life in danger.

    I receive Death threats, fatwas every month, some
    months more,  Taliban webmasters and
    some insurgent hackers really don't like me,
    lighting either of us could put
    our lifes in danger.

    I'm hoping Anonymous will consider that and
    not light up Jester.

    I've stayed out of the fray with Anonymous
    except for commenting, because of past
    work I've done with them. Iran.
    And Anonymous never forgets.

    And hope to work with them in the future
    on projects we both agree on.

    If you fired the "Low orbit Ion Cannon"
    here are some precautions you might
    want to consider.

    Wikileaks crossed the line when they released
    EVERYTHING, not just the items related to wrong
    Releasing 'Wrong doing' is one thing.
    Releasing everything is a violation of Privacy.
    And they are using Manning for fund raising 
    $1.3 million for Wikileaks, Manning $0.o

    Eventually the public will see this.




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