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    Friday, January 28, 2011

    Egypt live streams of demonstration

    More of our INTEL

    Breaking , will be updated: G

     Security running down demonstrator, swerved to hit him.

     Weapon Gas launcher taken from Security truck.

     Demonstrators driving sec van BACK.

    Egyptian Army vech, in Cairo greeted with Flowers by demonstrators.
    Cairo heating up

    Rock throwing.

    Demonstration stopping for prayers.

     lining up for prayers. Police in front of protesters.
    Hundreds of troop trucks and sec vans.
    Thousands of reinforcements arrive in Cairo
    Click to enlarge.
     Attempt to burn troop transport, also tried to over turn it, dump in into nile, failed
    Second attempt to set troop carier on fire Same truck Try to set tire on fire.

    Same truck
     Same truck.

    Ruling national dem party building on fire.
    People cheer Military.

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    BS joke. kicking people off for fun, cluster F**k, G


    Paradigm review, new power.

    Com work arounds for Egyptian shut off of WWW.



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