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    Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    Paradigm Intel Briefing. 11.23.10

    This blog set to diaplay 20 days of posts. Sorry Blogspot only shows 3 days, waiting for a Google fix, G

    Paradigm Intel Briefing.

    NKorea, sending a message to US?
    Thanksgiving maybe the time 
    full message is sent?

     Christofer Hoff 
     by Cyberarms
    Dear Korea(s) - do y'all mind not engaging in thermonuclear war until AFTER Thanksgiving. I have a turkey brining. kthxbye

    TSA doing a good job,
    Scanners and pat downs
    necessary because of insurgency
    in Mexico and porous border.

    TSA lines at airport may themselves
    become targets.

    Note lack of suicide bombers in
    past recent attacks on Conus.
    All remote or and timers.

    NKorea using Iranian technology
    same machines, set up, rows
    of 2000 centrifuges. NOT RUNNING.
    NKorea may have also imported

    Republicans stalling "Start" treaty are exposing US to 
    terrorist Nuke threat. Its the only way to check
    radioactive inventories and security in Russia.
    Seven former generals of the U.S. strategic nuclear command join current military leadership in supporting New .


    "Combat helmets must protect troops from three things: ballistics (bullets and shrapnel), blasts, and impact (hitting or falling)" -Doc. Helmet shield adds considerable pass around protction from blasts
    US troops don't have them, over 300,000 troop injuries from blasts.

     USForces Afghanistan 

    Helmet face shield could reduce troop brain injuries 

    These companies are supporting Terrorism on YouTube?.

    Taliban Impostor? Maybe NOT, security? Deny-ability?
    But who was paying him, supposed Taliban leader USD?
    Paying the Taliban? Wasn't US Army. But who? CIA?
    From source inside beltway:

    The use of stand-ins or doubles is a common practice among the Pakhtun. How does a shop-keeper in Kandahar show up in Paktia, travel to N Waziristan, get on one of our helo's, which was piloted by USAF pilots and then have tea with Karzai.....3 times?
    The real Akhtar is short and fat and the former head of civil aviation for the Taliban-Afghan government and one of the largest drug smugglers in E Afghanistan. He is far too valuable to the enemy to be presented to NATO in person.

    Yes they used a stand-in, but he was handled by the real enemy command and certainly passed on all he learned.
    You have to remember that 80%+ Pakhtun births are from first cousins. It is easy to find look-alikes.

    Does This Mexican Compound House Tons of U.S. Spies? Why is Wired exposing this as TARGET?

    Free protection from burning sheep.

    Poo gets into secure servers at Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, and DOD  Secret Service cleans it up, New level of hacking, G

    End of Brief.

    Internet Anthropologist


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