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    Friday, October 22, 2010

    The day Google almost took over the World.

    There is an universal adaptation force by humanity
    that changes human kind. The penultimate buy point.

    The phone was such an adaptation.
    The TV and WWW also.
    Human kind saw it and bought the paradigm.

    All of these paradigms changed humanity.
    Moved power to the people.
    The right to know, the right to have access to
    the world has been a clarion call.

    The phone TV and WWW have all been
    seminal in advancing this deeply seated
    human need.

    A penultimate buy point, isn't a selling point.
    None of us like to be "sold"
    but we all love "buying".

    These technologys all have been 
    penultimate buy points, universal 
    human adaptation to these technologys.

    Now of course "selling" has been used
    to get us to buy "the brand of TV" etc
    we use, but we "bought " the technology
    as a human species.

    The movement along this paradigm is
    unstoppable and convergent vectors in 
    expanding the human mind.

    Googles penultimate buy point key,
    has been "free service", a very powerful
    inducement to be a early user.

    Google's user knowledge data base
    encompasses the human movement
    like nothing we have ever seen, except
    maybe in history books 5 years after
    the fact. Google's data user data bases
    provide the same perspective on a
    real time basis.

    As an anthropologist I would love to have 
    access to Googles user data bases.
    To see human kind's paradigm,
    The desires of the "id, ego, superego"
    for the human paradigm.

    I have long ago given up on trying to keep
    my psyche secret form Google.

    The exchange of my desires for the Google
    information and services seems a fair exchange
    so far, and I know I might be sorry later.

    But with Google TV they almost took over the 

    Google has its WWW services which are 
    amazing and empowering.
    They have also moved into phones with
    And now TV.

    The Google TV could have been a human
    kind paradigm changer. But they dropped the
    ball, it has an $400 buy in fee.
    Its not free.

    In and of its self its cute.
    But putting them all together, phone, WWW
    and TV, it has a power undefined thus far.

    With this combination properly configured
    they would be set to take over the world
    at a seminal penultimate buy point by humanity.

    To take over the world they only need the
    penultimate buy point technology.

    Something I call conclusive fundamental

    The WWW, TV all searchable on a 
    cell phone with Hi Res connection to
    Iglasses.It's a set of glasses, ( a 70inch virtual projection screen
    in eye glasses from a cell phone. )

    The ability to ultimately empower humans.

    They failed with the abandonment of their
    free principal in Google TV, they have not
    taken over the world, yet.

    The human species is set for the next
    evolutionary jump, not biological but
    mental, access to the worlds knowledge

    Its a great time to be alive and part of
    this evolutionary change.

    Internet Anthropologist

    Thank you Google.



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