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    Monday, August 23, 2010

    US intelligence has to get Iran right, 3 times.

    US intelligence has to get Iran
    right, 3 times.

    Twice independently.
    Millions will die if you screw this up. G

    This guy is certifiable Nutz.

    Iran's desire for the bomb was protection,
    US just invaded Iraq, and took the country 
    in what 10 days?
    Iran just fought Iran to a dead lock
    after 7 years of WAR.

    Then US hit Afghan the other
    side of Iran. Iran right in the middle
    of Iraq and Afghan.

    And their war systems are on full 
    alert, watching everything and realize
    they can't see much of it. Stealth.
    They suspect US is over flying Iran
    8 or 9 times a day, and can't see or
    prove a damn thing.

    Knowing US could over run Iran
    in 7 days also, drove the Ayatollahs

    Some even argued Iran was next.
    After all Iran seized an American
    Embassy, and held Americans
    prisoners for 431 days.

    Little AbberJonny did go nutz.
    Currently he is suffering with
    grandiose delusions.

    Now he thinks if he gets a bomb
    not only will Iran be safe from US,
    but he will be a World Power, like
    US, Russia and China.

    His delusions of grandeur have 
    been evident for 10 years and
    his delusions are getting more acute.
    His goals are clear, destroy Israel.
    I mean the President of Iran said he
    would wipe Israel off the map.
    He operated a almost invisible
    coup d'├ętat  taking over the Iranian
    Government from the ayatollahs.

    Hitler was delusional also.
    He is a member of the Twelvers,
    He believes in the 13 Imam.

    State suicide is religiously approved
    for the twelvers.

    There is NO way in HELL this guy
    can get a Nuke, HE WILL USE IT.
    The risk is Immense.





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