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    Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    past 8 hrs our OSINT feed

    1. Huge threat to #China , if 300 more cars hit on ramp than off ramp, ENTIRE COUNTRY GRIDLOCK, good 45 days.G

    2. Chinese Demand for Coal Spurs 9-Day Traffic Jam on Expressway - Wait till they get Diet Coke...G

    3. Officials: We could still lose Iraq - Jesus we don't OWN Iraq ,They choose G

    4. CCPS to locate Mallya's website hacker - cyber Army was just Sleeping".. G

    5. S.Korea military drill envisions 'occupying N.Korea' - Take lots of food they will surrender for it,G

    6. Iran says it is ready to resume nuclear talks but is waiting for world powers ... -

    7. Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: US intelligence has to get Iran right, 3 times. OR ELSE,G

    8. 24 HOUR FITNESS rolls out finger scanners at gyms... Troops could use that G #darpa

    9. @usairforce C-130 aircraft delivered79,000 pounds of food & relief supplies in #Pakistan US sending in alot supplies

    10. Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Swat Valley Truce? Paki civilians need help, URGENT G via TweetMeme



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