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    Saturday, August 21, 2010

    Ops and Intel update 08.21.10

    New Taliban web site

    Four deadly foreign mercenary snipers hired by the Taliban have been killed ... - Spies, spies and more Muslims spying on the terrorists. G

    Sweden : " They said that for the moment Julian Assange remains suspected of the lesser crime of molestation in a separate case."they dropped rape charges."

    Spain: Bull leaps out of arena in Northern Spain, tramples spectators, injures 40

    The bulls are not the only dangerous thing, I did run with the bulls, but I wore a Blue kerchief,
    Everyone else was wearing red kerchiefs around their necks, If I got on TV I thought it would
    be easier for Family to spot me on TV. The day before the local terrorist had killed a mayoral
    First I noticed one guy following me every where I went, 5 min later there were 2 of them,
    and I started moving thru the crowds real fast, they kept up with me and were joined
    by a Cop with a shotgun, when they pointed that at me I froze.
    One of them touched my blue kerchief and said "Terrorist" ,
    I quickly ripped the kerchief off  and threw it on the ground,
    and said "Stupido Touristo".
    And they just let me go.
    Maybe the blue kerchief was symbolic for the Basques .

    Another time I was in Rome and a 16 yr old Palestine kid
    threw a satchel charge into a British Airlines office one 
    block ahead of me. I had stopped for a second Cappuccino 
    or would have been much too close.
    After the explosion the police moved in very fast,
    They had little paddles they used in their out stretched
    arms out the windows in front of the car to direct traffic,
    the roads in Rome were built for chariots not cars.
    Any way they established a perimeter.
    At the time I was a Stock Broker on Vacation, and
    thought I'd get some good pics.
    And I walked up to the guard and gave him
    one of my Broker cards, I figured he couldn't
    read English and I said to him "Paparazzi"
    I was carrying a big camera with a grreat telephoto
    zoom lens, and I looked the part.
    The guard didn't say a word so I just walked
    past him to take some pics, and it was on my
    third step I HEARD him lock and load a round.
    I stopped and turned around and looked at him
    he was starring at me and the gun pointed at me.
    I just backed up and smiled at him.
    He didn't smile back.
    But his body english was very understandable.




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