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    Friday, August 27, 2010

    Info War concept

    InfoWar in Afpak:

    This is just one concept.
    Utilizing one of the most powerful 
    mediums read by every American

    The media transcends cultural
    gaps and the appeal is universal.

    Comic book, in Urdu, Pushtu
    and Arabic, with graphics good
    enough to be considered ART.

    For the illiterate the graphics 
    alone should be able to transmit
    the story.

    One comic book, 3 sections,
    in three languages. 

    Lots of action.

    Explaining 911, 
    Bin Laden, al Qaeda
    Taliban atrocities.
    Taliban supporting al Qaeda
    and suicide bombers.
    No heaven for suicide bombers.
    No virgins.
    And the Fatwas against terrorism,
    al Qaeda,
    and how al Qaeda is working for Satan

    They will circulate like a virtual
    Kids will hide and horde and
    trade them.

    The comics will make their way 
    into the deepest and darkest
    recesses of Afpak.

    Carefully done, vetted and Muslim
    approved and including American 
    mistakes can explain the OTHER

    Balance the Taliban propaganda.
    Answer their lies and bastardization
    of Islam.

    Done in large limited editions.

    The start of a powerful, truthful
    series of comic books,
    complete with American 
    warts,truthful and explaining the other
    side, good enough to become
    an Art collectors item in Afpak.
    World Class editions.




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