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    Friday, May 28, 2010

    Whale WARS

    Whale wars.

    Japan is using "research" as a subterfuge to harvest whales
    for high end domestic consumption.( $$$ )
    The Japan whaling fleet has so increased harvesting
    that prices have declined.
    Prices have declined from $160 a pound in 1996 to
    to $12 a pound in 2004.

    The whaling fleets harvest entire pods, no selective
    hunting as would be normal in research.

    The big give away is the profits.
    Follow the money.
    The funding for the whaling fleet comes
    from on the sale of whale meat at auction
    in Japan.

    The Japanese are just hunting whales
    as gourmet fare.

    This tradition is outmoded in todays

    God speed to the "SEA SHEPARD".

    Maybe the State Dept. can exert some
    influence vis-a-vis the N Korea Nuke problem.

    Japan's violations of whaling treatys is so
    transparent a fraud as to be insulting to the
    International community.

    Internet Anthropologist

    ( Greenpeace are just posers on this issue.G )

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