Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Taliban attack US bases, WHY?

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    Tuesday, May 25, 2010

    Taliban attack US bases, WHY?

    The Taliban have been attacking the US at its major bases.
    Is this a Paradigm change? NO

    Bold Taliban Afghan attacks appear to send message

    Taliban's assaults on symbols of U.S. power imply it strikes at will.

    While thats the message the popular press is sending its in error.
    Its a symptom of younger Taliban punks taking control.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Taliban leadership loosing ...

    Most of the new leaders are in their 20's now, when this started they were in their early teens.
    And most idolized the Mujahideen of the Russian period.But they have grown up with the lies and mis-information about that era.
    Many think the Mujahideen brought down the Russian empire,
    take full responsibility for the defeat of the Russians.
    Forget Charlie Wilson.
    They have also been raised on a steady diet of Taliban
    propaganda with
    grossly inflated US casualties reports. And they believe their own propaganda.

    Now these young punks in their early 20's are platoon leaders and want
    to emulate their heroes. And want to seek head to head fights with
    US forces, their propaganda has deceived them into thinking they
    can be raised to hero status by racking up big body counts among the
    US forces, just as their propaganda mentions.

    And the Taliban are hard put to explain the propaganda is lies,
    and the Taliban get the shit kicked out of them every time they
    attack US bases.

    So the Taliban leadership let the attacks continue till the Taliban
    punks get their noses bloodied enough to give up the nonsense.

    And the Taliban are getting desperate, there are two huge operations
    going against the Taliban's stealth bases on both sides of the Durand
    line. One by the US in Helmand  and just across the border to the EAST
    in Warzistan, Paki . The two major bases of the Taliban West, Afghan and
    the Taliban East, Pakistan.

    These attacks are acts of desperation and inexperienced leaders.
    The new young Taliban leadership have been deceived on several levels.
    The first and biggest deception is that some how they are fighting for Islam
    but they have been tricked into fighting for a perverted Islamic cult al Qaeda,
    and the Taliban is helping to try and turn Islam from a religion of peace into
    a religion of war.
    The other big lie is that US is in a war against Islam, a subjugation of the Afpak
    Which is easily exposed as false:
    SEE THIS POST HERE: Comments.

    And the final deception is the Taliban are winning the war.
    The young Taliban punks believe the Taliban propaganda
    and are paying for the deception with their lives, but the younger
    generations isn't taking the cowards way out and are forgoing suicide
    bombing, instead choosing to fight man to man.

    The Taliban's Secret Wounded. IATT

    The net result will be burning through the Talibans best and
    youngest warriors based on these deceptions.



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