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    Wednesday, May 05, 2010

    Bombers motives: Time Square

    Bombers motives:

    Only real anger Shahzad Faisa expressed was passive aggressive tearing up his foreclosed house, leaving most of his things behind, no posting in forums, no jahidist leanings or background preceded attack..
    No under pinings for extremism. He made no jahidie statement
    about the bombing, only the Taliban have attributed any motive
    to the wana be bombers actions. Not even a note in the SUV.

    Sloppy IED, Maybe no real intent to hurt people, but he gets
    all the glory back at home without the guilt NO injuries or Deaths.
    He was using M88's, I would like to see the probability  for
    a successful detonation  using M88's, Maybe the Mythbusters
    could test it.

    He was a failure in America, MBA reduced to selling jewelry, lost
    home,  and $55,ooo down payment, just moved wife to Paki and
    he would be a hero at home, and he never killed or injured any one.
    The $55,000 down payment came from Daddy what did daddy
    have to say? New Intel Shahzad

    M88's are a joke. They were not even M80's.
    This act would vent his anger and shame and
    make him a hero at home.

    He's just taking advantage of cultural hatred in Paki,
    towards America and venting his anger and shame
    at his failure in USA.

    This hypothesis seems to fit with all the facts.
    And seems to explains his motives and actions.


    Background for the Hypothesis.

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