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    Thursday, April 01, 2010

    Rusky vs US terrorist paradigm

    Russia's Medvedev promises 'crueler' measures
    MAKHACHKALA, Russia — President Dmitry Medvedev made a surprise visit Thursday to the violence-wracked southern province of Dagestan, telling police and security forces to use tougher, "more cruel" measures to fight the "scum" responsible for terrorist attacks.
    Russia's security chief said some terror suspects had been detained.
    In his dress — a black T-shirt under a black suit coat — and rough language, Medvedev was following the style of Russia's powerful prime minister, Vladimir Putin.
    "The measures to fight terrorism should be expanded, they should be more effective, more harsh, more cruel, if you please," he told local officials in a televised meeting.
    Russia's terrorist paradigm is a failure and they continue to use it.
    Its an old Stalinist hold over.
    The same failed Afghan policys they were using when they were drove
    out of Afghan by US shoulder fired weapons and the Mahadjudeen.
    The terrorists the Russians are facing make OBL look like a boyscout.
    I've seen videos of them beheading young Russian troops,
    They don't even tie their hands and only half cut the head off
    so you can hear the protests through the gurgling blood, and
    the young boy soldiers crawling around with their head half cut
    off the and Mass killing of school children twiice.
    Russians paradigm is 180 degrees from what the USA 
    is doing in Afghan.
    The Russians do not try to win the hearts and minds
    they try and cut them out.
    But back when a American was being kidnapped
    every week in the Middle East, the Russians had
    one of theirs kidnapped, and the KGB caught the
    Terrorist's son ( the one responsible for the Russian kidnapping )
    caught his son and cut his penis off and killed him and stuffed it in his dead
    sons mouth and sent the body to the Terrorist father, and the Russian
    kidnapping stopped. The 1980's I think.
    This will test both hypothesis, the American hearts
    and minds v s the Russian's cutting out the hearts and
    While sad it will test both hypothesis and lead the
    way for future counter terrorist paradigms.





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