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    Sunday, April 11, 2010

    Iran attack do-able

    To Iran's regime

    The "stark alternative" on Iran arrive on/about 2006: we're just getting our minds around it now.

    When even the hardliners raise the obvious possibility that we'll end up managing the risk because the strike either will not happen or won't achieve its ends, then we move into the serious phase of thinking on this subject.

    An EMP, non nuclear attack achieves Israel objectives.
    Delays Iran's nuke, and doesn't injure any civilians.
    Gives the Green movement and Israelis more time
    to oust regime.
    And its do-able.

    That is the interesting possibility bandied about. Just not sure how much delay it buys.
    But it has a nice ring to it.
    And yet, it would come with an additional burden of being the first to use such a weapon.



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