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    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    Dems sing "Cum bi ya"

    Political Paradigm Intel.

    The Republicans were preferred for 
    the initial GWOT.

    But the GWOT has matured.
    And the Public swept in the
    Democrats, a President,
    Majority in both the Senate and

    The two main issues have
    been Health Care,
    and Banking.

    The Republicans gave
    the keys to congress
    to the Bankers and 
    rescinded most Banking

    And the Republicans did the 
    same for the Health Insurance

    Paradigm Intel indicates
    the Democrats will maintain
    power directly in proportion 
    to what they do related
    to these issues.

    Americans are fed up with both
    the Republicans and Democrats.

    And the old parties are presenting
    good cases for a new third party.

    While the Banks and Insurance Cos
    control congress and the related laws
    thru lobbyists and legal bribery.

    American still control who is elected
    to Congress.

    The Democrats seem to be willing to
    leave Consumer Protection with

    The Federal Reserve has failed at 
    consumer protection, a total failure
    and almost allowed the Banks to
    bring the world to its knees in a credit

    And still NOTHING  has been done
    to curb the Banks criminal activities.
    30% interest on Credit cards and 460%
    interest on pay day loans. Mafia vig
    rates on loan sharking.

    Its up to the Democrats to grow some
    balls and confront the Banking and Insurance
    regulations, or they too will be out.

    Everyone ready for a Third party 
    find some to run.

    Internet Anthropologist




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