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    Sunday, February 28, 2010

    Gap fights the Core

    The terrorist war is as much about connecting the Gap to the Core as it is
    about fighting terrorism.

    Terrorism flourishes in the Gap.

    There is a natural draw to the Core,
    it means income, jobs, infrastructure,
    Government, taxes, manufacture,
    are a few of the benefits.

    The Militarys new SysAdmin paradigm
    is all about how to speed up this connection
    from the Gap to the Core in Afghan.

    What would a country look like if
    it was afraid of the core and actively
    sought to stay disconnected from the

    I suggest N Korea,
    They have in effect made it
    illegal to know about the world
    outside N Korea. You can be 
    executed if your are caught with
    a cell phone.

    might just over come their fight
    to stay disconnected from the core.

    Then we have the Taliban in Afghan.
    They were also punishing people
    for connecting to the Core, listening
    to Music, shaving, etc.

    The Taliban would like to take it
    back to the 1800's or even 1700's.

    Then we see the Iranian people under
    the Shah,  a huge successful leap
    into the 1950's from the something like the1800's.

    And we have Hatti, they would
    like to connect to the Core
    and there has been millions poured
    into SysAdmin.
    So we have a model that is working
    hard to connect to the Core, and
    have the money to do so.

    So we have lots of paradigms to track
     with many variables  and different levels.
    We should get some good data out of these.





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