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    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    Cryptome GONE

    Microsoft Takes them Down..



    by: rfrancis1980 | 02/24/10 | 7:27 pm |
    Cryptome needs to sue Network Solutions over this.
    We can’t keep having DNS and hosting providers cutting off services whenever some company files a DMCA complaint.
    There are proper legal procedures in place to deal with DMCA takedown requests, Network Solutions did not follow them and showed their disdain for their customers.
    I for one with never buy a product from Network Solutions again.

    by: Zenc | 02/25/10 | 12:45 am |
    NetSol actually locked the domain name, so it can’t be moved until after this dispute is resolved…
    In the meantime you can find the site mirror at , sans the MS document.

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    Like all service providers, Microsoft must respond to lawful requests from law enforcement agencies to provide information related to criminal investigations. We take our responsibility to protect our customers privacy very seriously, so have specific guidelines that we use when responding to law enforcement requests. In this case, we did not ask that this site be taken down, only that Microsoft copyrighted content be removed. We are requesting to have the site restored and are no longer seeking the document’s removal.
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