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    Thursday, November 26, 2009

    Black Bot Surveillance Units.

    Black Bot Surveillance Units.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    These are high security, invisible fully cloaked, untraceable and encrypted.
    Only I deploy these Black BSU's and collect the Intel.
    No one else even sees these.

    We tracked al Qaeda snooping around a university
    Lab in Europe and reported the Intel. The lab was
    protected by one guard and a fence.

    About a month later the USA moved 341 pounds
    of weapons grade nuclear material form that lab
    to Russia.

    Other ops:

    My point is :
    One never knows what will be caught in a BSU drag net,
    But the data is always encrypted,
    And very sensitive data is memorized and all traces
    deleted to NSA standards.

    We run a very tight ship.
    But even we are not immune from US Intelligence Agencys.
    I've written Technical Penetration Paradigm Papers for the
    Air Force and have seen some evidence ( paradigm Intel
    & OSINT ) of implementation.

    Paradigm Intel coupled with the Black BSU's
    has produced Intel I didn't want to know about.
    We are secure and very discrete, forever if need be.

    And I can neither post it, ( it would generate some
    considerable sums just from the Google ad clicks just
    from the hits.. )
    or tell any one, can't do any thing with it.

    A frustration I never anticipated,
    and pleasing to me in a professional manner.

    But the GWOT has produced some
    amazing OPs, paradigms, research
    tools, and exercises that puts our CI,
    Competitive Intelligence services
    a magnitude of order above all others.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst




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