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    Wednesday, September 02, 2009

    NO RIOTS, NO DEATHS, just a reset.

    Ousted president of Honduras is

    .Manuel Zelaya

    I'm looking for a logical reason not to support a President just because
    he was elected by a Democracy.
    To let the Coup stand.


    Manuel Zelaya is to Democracy
    bin Laden is to Islam.

    OK oK, I'm greatly exgaggeriting
    but the principle is the same
    and Parallel.

    We don't have to approve of the
    but do we owe Manuel Zelaya

    In this case it feels like the Military
    kicked in as a safe guard, removed him
    from the office of President
    and told the Civilians to try again.

    And it feels right.
    But doesn't USA owe support
    for the President of any
    Democracy if removed
    extra judicially?

    But USA knows how in a
    democracy elements can
    have an criminal influence
    contrary to the civilian
    populations will..

    Look at the US Banking Lobby.
    The lobby's influence has allowed
    US banks to become
    loan sharks, Usury , toxic paper,
    falsely reporting the value of assets.
    Not marking the Toxic paper assets
    to market. they have 2 sets of books,
    and the Feds know it.

    All this is wrong, and I'm not suggesting
    anything other than things go wrong even
    in a democracy.

    And when something goes wrong
    in a Democracy and he is removed/fixed
    USA doesn't have to support the
    problem, him, do they?

    A possible alternative is to put him
    back in power, and he starts a crack
    down against the opposition, like in

    They Honduras decided not to go through
    the civil strife, marches, riots, killings
    the development of a Police state,
    maybe, to get this guy out.

    And Honduras said NO,
    the Military said NO,
    and is asking the civilians
    to try again.

    And USA maybe thinking well he
    somehow got elected, and no matter
    how bad this guy is we have to support
    him back into power.

    No USA doesn't have to support
    him, they can choose to support
    the next President, IF HE MEETS

    I mean; 402% interest is LOAN SHARKING
    in America, USA didn't even let the MAFIA do that.

    I argue that the Military is acting for the Civilian
    keffer Ummah, when they turned power back to
    the Civilians. The Supreme Court ordered
    the Military to do the Coup.
    And the VP is now running the country.
    As the Civilians have been given the power to elect
    a new President, does USA go along with the
    Honduras RESET of their Democracy.
    NO RIOTS, NO DEATHS, just a reset.
    It worked.....

    Or are "they" locked into supporting Manuel Zelaya.


    It would be like US Congress, all the Supreme
    Court and Military removed a setting President.
    It does say something is wrong, please
    remember the Law of unintended consequences.

    But why does this Coup in Honduras
    feel so right?

    There must be a way to support it.
    .Manuel Zelaya is going to be trouble
    for everyone, Honduras too.


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