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    Monday, August 03, 2009

    ops and Intel,BIG; 08.03.09

    Recent paradigm Intel has me breathing air WAY above
    my pay grade.

    #1) The major issues of a cyber Pear Harbor have been
    addressed. Counter measures still need work.

    #2) Iran will chose the date of the attack on their
    nuclear stock piles and production facilities.
    That date will be the same date they prepare
    to test a nuke.

    #3) Drones are getting their own drones,
    which they will be able to dispatch from
    their wing for a closer look.

    #4) Big Z's offer to USA to "Truce"
    isn't. Its a requirement before big
    strike. al Qaeda is still working on
    a nuclear paradigm.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst


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