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    Saturday, July 04, 2009

    Pray for the Basij.

    From an IRC channel.

    Just saw this from night owl: A tweet source talked to a Basiji in Tehran today. According to the source, the Basiji claimed that he was working for Islam, but hoped that he wouldn’t be forced to quell protests again.

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reportedly said today that there was as much truth to electoral fraud in Iran as there was for the Holocaust.

    The rest of the world knows ot did happen and he just said both are as true as each other.

    He just admitted the election was fixed.

    Basij It must be hard work mentally.

    They are working for people that order murder...

    That must be scary.

    They know that their lives are at risk also

    They could be the target of the next murder

    but way down deep inside they know what they do

    That people are filming them.

    Do they undersand at some point, the regime will turn against them

    Blame them for the murders.

    Hang them out to dry

    I hope they are recording the orders some how for proof they were not acting on their own.

    It may be the only thing that prevents them from hanging later

    Do they look for family or friends in the crowd?

    do they try and hide if they see someone they know?

    Would they hit members of their own family?

    I noticed the regime has the military out on exercises

    I wonder if that is just to keep them busy?

    Out of the towns so they can't join in?

    Any way the Basij are being paid blood money

    I wonder if they think about waht they have done when they spend the blood money

    Do they remember the faces of the ones they killed or beat to death?

    Will they have flash backs to their bad behaviour?

    Basij contact me.

    We have seen the experiments where the person keeps uping the voltage to dangerous levels

    Yes a famous psy experiment.

    so many of the people are capable of very bad things

    But what do they think after

    at home at night in bed.

    or maybe they are too afraid ..and stay with their basij group all night to make sure they are not talked about

    fear the group may turn against them for showing mercy.

    If they block it out ,when will it come back to haunt them?

    At some time maybe during prayers they think about what they ahve done

    I think some of the Basij are conflicted.

    Need to earn money to feed the family and torn about what they are doing to earn it.

    even al qaeda members have admitted to doing things they regret or seing other doing things against Allah

    and not speaking up, knoeing they were doing wrong.

    It must be very hard to be basij and be expected to kill un armed civilians

    or at least beat them bloody

    Maybe they pretend the unarmed protesters are terrorist, But deep down they know better.
    they are just marching.

    Basij , but dumb confused bastards

    doing things thaat will haount them for the rest of their lives

    the conflicts with in the Basij members must be horrorendes

    And they do it day after day after day, maybe they get hardened to it.

    just block it out

    I guess some sick os maybe enjoy it

    but just seing all the blood and violence must effect them.

    If not now then it will later..

    And we have Muslim killing muslim

    What does Allah make of that?

    Some maybe serial killers

    But the other basij see and know it is wrong

    and SAY nothing

    And every thing you do, as a basij is tracked monitored

    right now the regime applaud you

    But what about later?

    Like in East Germany or Russia when they opened all the secret records.

    They people , relatives and friends will find out

    And they the Basij or MOIS will have to live in that light.

    Exposed for supproting the regime.

    it is a very difficult life they lives fraught with double dealings and death from above.

    I would be worried if I wans Basij, commiting capital crimes, people filming me.

    people use telephoto lenses, one never sees the camera

    The regime will have plans to wash thier hands of all the illegal activity.

    Allah knows there was no excuse.

    the regime may deny giving the order

    Some may even be truly supporting the regime
    but its hard to support killing unarmed women just standing there.
    or taking an axe to marchers
    or beating old women to dath with a pipe
    But I guess it can be done al Qaeda does it all the time.

    I wonder if the Basij can call in sick, if they have a doctors excuse?

    From owl: The Imam's Way Faction (a group of MP’s) of parliament, which is slightly pro-reform, asked the families of detainees to send them documented information about their arrested family members.

    I wounder if they will also send photos of the Basij doing bad stuff?

    Green Brief #15 is out! July 01 : Please Read and Retweet!

    Khatami criticized the government in a new, harsher tone that suggested outright contempt today. He called the elections a “coup d’état against democracy.”

    If later they determine it was a coup d'etat, that opens the basij ot prosecution.

    What would you guys do to CYA if you were basij?

    I guess if I was basij maybe I'd contact the protesters and give info, so I could say I was helping the 2009 revolution.

    That just might save me from prosecution.
    Document the leadership.
    video tape or record all our orders, so they couldnt say we were rogue agents acting on our own.

    And keep a clear record of who did what, and what they said might be able to use that to make a deal avoid prosecution.

    Just to be on the safe side ... what could it hurt?

    or get called away for family emergency,

    I think they would just need to be gone for a month to see which way this is going.

    Any Basij out there that can tell us what happens if you just quit?

    I'd really liketo talk to any basij or even pro-regime people, email me InternetAnthropologistTT at gmail dot com

    I would be willing to help any basij explore options

    I pray for the protesters, Bill on my blog is a Muslim and he prays for the Basij to get right with Allah.





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