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    Friday, March 20, 2009

    Paki's hidden Paradigm revealed.

    Paki's hidden Paradigm revealed.
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    An examination of the Pakistan paradigm turns up a very disturbing hypothesis.

    A look at context and process:

    In anthropology we are trained to be participant observers.
    Part of my process is to separate actions from words.
    ( And is one of the fundamental concepts in Paradigm Intel. )
    And examine both messages for discrepant codings.
    To examine the sent message and the received message also.
    One would expect them to be the same, often they are not.
    Culture often transforms the message or even causes coding errors.

    In this case it smells like propaganda and America seems to give
    the higher value to the text over action, ignoring context and process.

    The Paki message the Americans receive is one of hope, and joint struggle
    against a mutual foe, both Paki and USA use different methods to achieve
    a common goal,

    Part of the Paki message is; their troops are not trained for this struggle
    and are ill-equipped and the Pakistan Country needed money to the tune of
    around $10 billions USD, last time I checked.

    But their actions transmit an entirely different message.

    And America has bought that message the verbal message over the message
    of their actions in context.

    They have fought battles with the Taliban most of which are right
    out of a WWII manual, Move huge formation of troops to an area
    dig in fortify and pound the country side.

    And the Paki Government and Army have made 7 peace treaty's
    with the Taliban; where little by little, right under US noses they
    have ceded 90% of Pakistan to the Taliban so far.

    SeeĀ map

    10% of Paki is under Paki Federal Government control,
    25% Influenced or in dispute,
    and the remaining 65% the Taliban out right control.
    The situation has gone from bad to worse over the years.
    Has the Taliban infiltrated the Paki Government
    and military to the point they are influencing

    The Paki Government unseated ONE judge
    and there was a huge long march to protest.

    The Taliban unseated the entire legal system in a huge
    providence and there was not even a whimper.

    While we have no evidence, it might appear the march and
    demonstration was orchestrated. And maybe a distraction,
    a side show.

    The Paki army out numbers the Taliban by a factor of about
    10 to 1, by my reckoning, and the Paki army suffers continual
    defeats at the hands of the Taliban. ( 500,000 to 50,000 )

    The Paki Army seems powerless against the Taliban.

    The most effective weapon the US has are the drones,
    which the Taliban hate and fear, the only weapon that
    has had an impact on the Taliban in Paki
    And both the Paki Government and the Taliban continue
    to lobby for the US to stop the drone attacks

    Both speak with the same voice on the most effective
    weapon to date against the Taliban, Drones.

    One could formulate a hypothesis the Paki Government
    and Army are working together to turn the Country
    over to the Taliban, using US funding to do so,
    with the Paki policy of appeasement.

    The failure of the Paki Government or the Paki Army
    to win any terrority from the Taliban over the past 4 or
    5 years speaks loudly. Failure in the face of a 10 to 1 troop ratio
    advantage and $10 billion in UDS aid, Points to a massive
    failure in Paki policy and possible behind the scenes control by
    the Taliban.

    We can test part of the hypothesis, with a good accountant,
    Account for the majority of the $10 billion dollars given to
    the Paki government, are they buying bullets from Russia for
    the Taliban?

    And the documented collusion of the Paki Intelligence service with
    the Taliban and tracks back to the Paki Army in the Indian attack
    do not bode well for the future of this culpable nuclear power.

    Pakistan has a wolf living in it's house,
    and they continue to give the wolf more and more rooms.
    To what end?
    Feeding the wolf will not drive it away.
    And the United States may be providing the Feed.

    American funding should be based on Paki victories,
    not failures.
    Pay for success not failure.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Link: Pakistan cannot win the war against the Taliban.




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