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    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    Treasury's new plan?

    Treasury's new plan?
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Nov. 13, 08

    The sub-prime debacle is to be followed by a second debacle
    Subprime Mortgage linked Loans and other Assets (USD 1.5 trillion);
    Credit Cards Outstanding Debt (USD 2.5 trillion);

    The second debacle will be brought to you by the same folks
    that caused the sub-prime mess, Banking Corporations.

    From loaning money at usuary rates ( read criminal ).
    And again repackaging them as equities.

    These criminal banking cartels have twisted current laws,
    regulations and bankruptcy laws to persue their victims
    to the grave.

    Some of the criminal activities their Lobbyists have gotten 

    Changing intrest rates and fees "at any time, for any reason."
    Approving charges that exceeds credit card limit then acessin over the limit fees and 
    penalty rates.
    Double cycle billing
    And numerous tricks to invoke penalties.

    Banking income from penalties of $18 BILLION. ( 2007 )

    The banks creat a Master Trust packages and sells credit card assets to 
    Wall St. to Investors, pension funds, insurance companies, and hedge funds.

    The Credit card Co.s and bank holding Co.s have extended credit
    to many they know will default, knowingly making bad loans
    Which are then turned into securities and  sold to others,
    after collecting huge fees and intrest charges.

    The credit card industry are headed for a sub-prime like

    And the criminal CEO's are being bailed out by the tax payers.
    Still no prision time.


    USA is looking at the worst Christmas in USA history.

    G7 Economic Meeting this weekend.

    ( sorry Google formating still screwing up )



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