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    Friday, November 14, 2008

    Taliban webmasters hiding, terrified

    Taliban webmasters hiding, terrified on the RUN:
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Started Nov 15, finished Nov 16, 2008

    Pakistan has a new law on Terrorist on the Interent
    So Internet Anthropologist Think Tank posted

    Of course the IPs lead directly to the computers
    they are using, and to what ever they connect to
    the computer, CDs, memory sticks etc.

    The first time we burned him he was in Islambad:
    he is s an Arab, from Saudi Arabia.
    Speaks Arabic and Pashto and some english.
    He lived 4km out side Islambad, to the East south east.

    HIS IP is 119¸154¸65¸172:1660

    He was on line
    17-Oct-08 at 01:08:15am EST (UTC -4:00)
    Post HERE:

    Two of the terrorist webmasters were
    so terrified when we posted thier IPs
    they picked up in the middle of the night and ran 640 miles
    ( 1,030 kilometers )
    They moved from Lahore to Karachi, Pakistan .

    The key webmaster is Mujahid, aka alemarahislam & 
    associated with alsomood_100

    He threatened me, bad move.
    now I have a personal interest in him.
    I put the Tea on in case one of his boys does show up.
    We have expanded trip wires, and tripled Intenrnet permeter security,
    and have roving Cyber Intel teams watching for them.

    Paki ISI are hot on their tail.

    We are able to track and trace them from 7,275 miles
    away and they think that by moving 640 miles that our
    Cyber Recon teams won't be able to find them?
    That our moles won't live with them?

    I have devoted the resources to track him any where
    in the world any time he goes on line.

    He posted on my Blog and one of his associates
    emailed me about him with info on his activities.

    The associate later joined our Paki wiki.
    Many Pakis are making a difference
    as "Cyber Warriors" against the Taliban.

    We will ACT on actionable intel.
    FEED US.

    His post:

    Mujahid said...

    its really funny that people like you and Dancho Danchev on one hand celebrating the shutdown of Global Ismalic Media Front and wishing to shutdown other related sites and on the other hands this site Dancho Danchev is also proudly displaying a banner saying "Stop Internet Censorship" "Free Speech Online"
    ( He is uneducated, as free speech does not extend to illegal activities, like Child Porn and Terrorism, suicide bombings or bombing market places or killing women and children, Taliban have no honor. G )

    ( Taliban have NO honor,,,)

    wow what a hypocritical behavior you people got.

    you hypocrites are exposing your double standards on your sites

    when it comes to abusing Muslims and Islam you want to stop internet censorship and you want free speech for everyone to abuse Muslims and Islam in which ever way they want but when it comes for a payback from Muslims you just cry and weep with pain what is going on against you. and just bark to stop it by any means possible even Muslims are not even abusing you or your heroes they are only showing the reality to the world what exactly happening with your coward armies in our lands.

    wow what a support for free speech.

    you kids giggle when you saw that GIMF is shutdown how silly you people are.

    When Our Most Respectful Leader Zarqawi Shaheed (May Allah be merciful on him) was martyred you people thought it will decrease the attacks of Mujahideen against you, but what happened?? His martyrdom give us more strength and we become able to establish the Islamic State of Iraq, You people are really silly, When your zionist fathers martyred Ahmed Yaseen and Ranteesi and assassinate many other HAMAS leaders and from decades of massacre against Palestinian Innocent peoples you people thought it will decrease our resistence, but it only increase,

    when in Pakistan your pet dogs destroy Red Mosque they thought they took control on us but the results were in the shape of fire burning in all over the region.

    The Bottom line is the harder you try to stop this stronger it will become. mark these words well loosers.

    before shutdown of GIMF there ver few sites who were actually uploading the Front Line videos of Mujahideen, but after the shutdown of GIMF plenty of new blogs were created sharing these videos and lot of Jihadi stuff.

    Keep this work up loosers, I love it when you try hard to stop us,
    more and more you try to stop us more and more it will make us stronger.

    His associate told us he also ran
    Which we get removed.

    And over 1,000 more terrorist web sites were shut down on 9.11
    this year.

    His new IP is in Karachi.

    He was a co-webmaster for
    Taliban's al Samood, July 2007 edition.
    We have been tracking him since 15 Aug, Wed, 2007,

    His other web sites: ALL DOWN:
    His web sites WERE highly infected with malware.

    Some advise to Mujahid,
    last time one of our targets fought back
    when there was a knock on their door
    they were killed, just surrender, its over.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst

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