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    Monday, November 24, 2008

    Taliban missing Paradigm

    The Taliban are missing part of the war Paradigm.
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Nov 24 2008

    We have been involoved in the exchange of some 
    emails with the Taliban. A participant observation, 
    exploring cultural views and opinions about the war.

    The brief exchanges have been very secret and 
    Internet savy and well educated, their responses 
    have been well thought out and logical.

    One of our key observations has been about the 
    view of the War paradigm in Afghan.

    I explained my view of the war paradigm, which I 
    have covered in earlier posts.
    In Afghan and Pakistan the USA is sending the 
    world a message.
    "Attack the USA home land and the US military 
    will seek you out any where in the world, follow 
    the attackers to hell and back and spend 
    themselves into a Depression to get the attackers."
    They won't quit.

    It will not end till USA has Binny and Big Z.

    And by the same token the Taliban was not the 
    target. al Qaeda is the target,
    The Taliban became the target when they started
    sheilding/protecting al Qaeda .

    The ENTIRE world is tired of the GWOT.
    Both sides. But the USA war machine is becoming
    more focused on Afghan and Paki.

    al Qaeda's goals are global, 
    the Talibans goals are NOT global.

    It has sounded to me in the press that if the Taliban
    gave up al Qaeda, Binny and Big Z, the USA would 
    have little interest in the Taliban.

    The Taliban did not attack USA on 911, al Qaeda 
    did. The Taliban understand
    the concept of revenge.

    Turning over Binny and big Z or even just their 
    locations could be a BIG step in reducing
    USA troops in STAN.

    The Taliban were surprised at this concept.

    Of course our tip line is open 24/7
    ( in the right column ) as is our phone number.
    and email addy,
    InternetAnthropologistTT at

    We have made it clear that we do not speak 
    for the US Government, but only
    as a reporter without borders, on our blog.

    But we have the connections to safely convey 
    info to the right people.

    Internet Anthropologist

    ( Goolge formating sucks )



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