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    Monday, July 21, 2008

    Terrorist Math, 60 million pages and growing.

    Our "Terrorist Sites" search engine has over 1,200 web sites.
    The search engine has Indexed over 11,700,000 web pages.
    Search Terrorist over 1,200 sites, forums
    Our estimate is that there are 5,000 terrorist related web sites.
    And another 1,000 secret sites.

    Our G2 staff puts the number of terrorist web pages at over 60,000,000, terrorist related web pages. And growing.

    60 million web pages promoting terrorism.

    This suggest a Paradigm for how al Qaeda is able to regenerate, recruit suicide bombers and fund its self.

    And I admit a a lazy preference to collect Terrorist web sites, and grow the list of indexed pages into the millions, because it is harder to take down terrorist web sites, and huge numbers of indexed web pages LOOKS good.

    The ability to collect intelligence from these sites feels good and does contribute to our work.
    But the better Paradigm would be to see the number of indexedd pages decline as the terrorist web is shut down, the loss of their C2, recruiting and funding drives, and Info WAR abilities.

    I understand the drive for US Intelligence agencys to want to collect intelligence.
    But it would be more effective to shut them down.

    The preference for collecting intel vs closing them down is counter productive.

    Allowing them to grow from a few hundred sites in 2002 to thousands, accounts for
    al Qaedas ability regenerate to continue to grow even in the face of sever attrition.

    It is my desire to see the number of indexed pages decline.
    The sites should be copied and then shut down.
    We don't have the funding to undertake this operation, secure storage etc..

    We are watching for the US military to start to control this domain.

    We are seeing the web masters switch from Iraq to the Taliban, and in languages
    we can't translate, Pashtoon and Urdu.

    nefatalibanisi0708.jpgA new analytical chart from the NEFA Foundation. SOURCE: Link


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