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    Tuesday, July 29, 2008

    Iran suckering USA to buy more TIME

    By Victor Comras

    Iran has begun a new charm offensive to head off, or to mitigate, possible new international economic sanctions following its latest refusal to suspend, or even slow down its uranium enrichment program. Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave an interview to NBC news anchor Brian Williams, which was broadcast tonight, denying that Iran had any nuclear weapons ambitions and stating that Iran is ready to meet the United States, gesture for gesture, in improving relations. Playing up on the Bush Administration's decision to have Assistant Secretary William Burns sit in on the latest round of nuclear negotiations with Iran, he stated that Iran would respond "positively" if the US, has, in fact, adopted a new "non confrontational" approach.


    Syria, the key to solving the Iranian crisis?

    By Olivier Guitta

    Breaking up the Syrian-Iranian axis might be quite helpful in significantly weakening Tehran.
    Recently, Syrian President Bashar al Assad has been sending signals that he might be willing to do so. But
    with assad, you never know...
    In an article called "Is Assad bluffing?" that i wrote for the Middle East Times, I tackle this issue.
    You can read the whole article here.

    First, in February, Hezbollah terror master Imad Mugnieh was assassinated in Damascus in what is likely a Syrian-made operation. The investigation over Mugnieh's death was quickly terminated and Iran and Hezbollah did not get the answers they were waiting for.

    Second, Assef Shawkat, the powerful head of Syrian security and Assad's brother-in-law was suddenly pushed aside. Shawkat is close to Tehran and has allegedly a hand in former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's murder in Beirut in 2005.

    Third, Assad acknowledged publicly peace negotiations with Israel.

    Fourth, Assad agreed on opening a Syrian embassy in Beirut, something his country has always refused since it considered that Lebanon is just a Syrian province. This was a huge condition for the French who see it a pledge given by Damascus to Lebanese sovereignty.


    Victor Comras and Olivier Guitta need to read eaqch others posts.

    Iran has launched a charm offensive across the board including Syrian actions who are in on the charm offensive..

    Iran has just doubled nuke material production. 3,000 to 6,000.

    And both Iran and Syria are trying to sucker the world into this charm offensive
    to buy more time to finish their Nuke.

    This effort announces Iran is desperate to buy more time and the charm offensive is working.
    For the first time USA doesn't have an Air craft carrier fleet in the Mediterranean and USA has announced a new round of talks.


    Internet Anthropologist


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