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    Thursday, November 08, 2007

    Future Paradigms : The Great Cyber WAR:

    The year is 2022 a year after the Great Cyber war.

    Parts of the world are still without Internet service, those economy's dropped to pre-Internet standards, banking switched back to 100% paper, the 8 months it took to rebuild the old system caused most of the economy's in those areas to switch to barter, as phones, TV went dead.
    Anything connected to the Internet anywhere up or down the line just went dead.
    Dad said you couldn't get any money out of the banks unless you actually went to the main bank.
    and some banks went out of business ( FDIC INS. yes, but no proof of claim, nothing on paper, all electronic. )
    All credit cards went DEAD, no one would take them, no way to process them.

    All access to any off site data bases are lost, banking records, medical library just everything.
    It was the end of Globalization. Wal mart filed for Bankruptcy. And news form some places in the world is hard to get. Some countrys still blocking other countrys traffic.

    At first every thing seemed a little off; more pixel flashes, then 25 % pixilated screen all the time on TV, dropping lots of phone calls, more and more, more "server not found" and "timed out"
    error messages then for hours and then days and when people realized the Internet was going down they drove it into the ground trying to upload data bases, everyone at once.

    Now sometimes the Internet comes back on for 3 or 4 days at a time, but we have to ration it, everyone gets one hour per day, so as not to over load and crash it.

    Every one has to have PC security now and an Internet License, and pass a test, like auto Insurance, and driving tests, only for the computer.
    It seems the people on the Internet without security caused the "Great Crash"
    All the stock markets actually crashed at limit down.
    Afraid to reopen them, all corporate communication by US Mail now.
    GNP down 35%....
    Calling it "Evaporation tax" some joke...

    Now you can be jailed for running a computer NAKED on the Internet.
    And your PC has to be tested by your ISP for security before they will even let you on the Internet. The Internet Police have open warrants to run a program that will physically crash your hard drive if they catch you running Naked on the Net.

    Now on some of the Huge Expensive Commercial "Intra" nets you can even play some games. They are around 7 times faster than the Internet. Dad said you could hit enter and open a new web page in 5 seconds, not 45 seconds like now.

    Seems all these unprotected computers in the old days hooked to the Internet allowed the "Billion, Billion bot war" nets back in 2021..

    The "WWW war" started over a small thing a government shutting down a spam web site.
    And the spammer turned loose his bots to flood the countrys main hub on the Internet back bone, and of course the Government went after all the Zombie bots in different countrys.
    Turns out everyone had billions of sleeping bots.
    And one of the countrys with a lot of Zombie bots didn't like attack on the ZBs in their country, and didn't like the other country either turned loose their bots, one country attacked the nodes of the other and they in turn counter attacked killing more and more nodes and it spread, and spread. Some nodes were bombed from planes, people killed.

    To Counter attack meant using up more band with and slowing the WWW down even more as more and more nodes go down. And the Internet continued to route around the down Nodes doubled and tippled traffic on the UP nodes further degrading efficiency and slow the web to a crawl. Some nodes locked, like when you PC overloads with repeat key commands and won't take any more key commands till the others finish running, beep, beep,beep....others frozen for unknown reasons, some countries with no money after crash ( no access) to repair bombed , shorted out equipment, or make payroll.

    Some PC's were infected by up to 11 different bot nets.

    Back then JUST ANYONE COULD HAVE A WEB SITE, AND ON ANYTHING. THOSE WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS, and I could spend 8 hours all at once if I wanted....yup those were the good old days...8 HOURS IF i WANTED


    Sky view WWW Attack

    Cyber Terrain maps




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