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    Thursday, November 08, 2007

    al jenan is trying to come back
    is trying to come back....

    They have Hacked version of Photo shop..Don't they know that is illegal?

    I think there are some civilian cyber troops looking to kill this.
    And the Al Ansar Hacking Team to be precise...

    Tracking the boys..


    Update: Russian Business Net:
    RBN goes to ground, all email addys dead.

    Tracking any connections.

    Cyber Pearl Harbor

    Worst case RBN attack for Terrorist:


    November 08, 2007

    The RBN, formerly based in St. Petersburg, closed shop Wednesday after its last upstream bandwidth provider cut ties with the ISP following numerous media reports detailing the shady doings.

    The company is known in cybercriminal circles as a bulletproof hosting provider, Richard said. It has a no-questions-asked policy when it comes to hosting its roughly 4,000 IP addresses, which have been used in a bevy of malicious attacks, from spam to phishing to IFRAMEs, he said.

    "They provide services without regard to what the content is going to be," Richard said. "The promise to their customers is that they'll ignore abuse complaints and not take any action against them. The problem that cybercriminals usually have is they'll put a site up with malicious code, but someone sends an abuse complaint and the ISP takes that site down. Nobody [at RBN] is going to take away their sites."....

    "Usually the upstream providers aren't too worried about content," Richard said. "Really their concern is providing that infrastructure. They don't really look inside the traffic to see what's going on. They do, however, care when they get in the news."

    SOURCE: more,

    For all those on the Watch Towers:

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