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    Friday, September 07, 2007



    He says its against Islam to burn humans, even ants, but he obtained a fatwa to kill 10 million Americans with a nuke?

    What I got from a first reading is that they don't plan on using a nuke in USA,
    Binny took alot of grief from peers and religious leaders for not giving USA the proper warning before 911, chance to convert to Islam. This is an Islamic warning.

    And he seems to be doing so now, WHICH MAY FORTEL an attack soon.

    The vid title is "The Solution"
    The BLACK beard is a sign of being at war.
    He has no gun in view.
    His hands are in front of him in a non threatening way.
    He argues USA joining Islam from the indigenous point of view, ie lower taxes.
    An sincere attempt to convert USA, using argument based on our interests.
    He in effect says there are no innocent in USA.
    But have we had the offer of truce yet?
    His last video I believe.
    Binny sounds almost sad.

    Feels like something big.

    ODD video graphic freezes at 1:54, while audio goes on ( you can hear the beep beep as the video battery goes dead)? ( use zoom feature )


    Update: The accoustic signature indicates it was recorded in a cave or cave like structure and made with poorly maintained equiptment, there is a drive wheel that
    squeeks all the way through the vid in the background, all indications Binny himself
    made the tape. made both with audio recorder and video recorder.
    VHS from the sound of the squeaking drive wheel.

    At 9:35 they switch the Arabic sub-title to English.


    Full length video:

    Thanks to Howie at MYPETJAWA for the video
    If embed above doesn't work here is LINK

    Analysis of video

    Reply to Binny

    Its a fake see analysis.

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