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    Thursday, August 02, 2007

    Have the Taliban Forgotten Muhammad's Teachings?

    Have the Taliban Forgotten Muhammad's Teachings?
    In spring 1994, the residents of the village of Singesar near Kandahar in southern Afghanistan visited a man called Mohammed Omar. They complained to him that a local warlord had kidnapped two teenage girls to his camp and raped them several times.

    Omar called about 30 young men under his influence. Armed with just 16 rifles, Omar and his followers raided the warlord's camp and set the girls free. Soon afterwards the warlord paid for his crimes with his neck, hanged from the barrel of a tank.

    Omar is Mullah Omar, the supreme commander of the Taliban, an armed political force in Afghanistan. The young men who followed him and rescued the girls were the Taliban.

    Thirteen years later, where is this heroic Omar and the Taliban who rescued the girls from their kidnappers? Twenty-three Korean aid workers, including 18 women, were kidnapped by the Taliban, who claim to be dedicated to "protecting and respecting women."

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