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    Thursday, July 19, 2007

    Riverines in Iraq

    17 July 07
    By Sgt. Andy Hurt
    13th MEU


    NEAR KARMAH, Iraq -- The 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit may have disembarked its ships to deploy to Iraq, but the Navy is still playing a vital role in the unit's success.

    Navy Riverine Squadron One, a compact, water-borne unit from Naval Expeditionary Combat Command, has been the "tip of the trident" supporting counterinsurgency operations in Al Anbar province since May 5, and is now assisting the 13th MEU.

    (From left to right) Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Daniel Macklin, Machinists Mate 3rd Class Nasir Ghaidi and MMFN Adam Johnson prepare to dismount a Small Unit Riverine Craft during a targeted sweep in support of Operation WATERFRONT July 13. Riverines from Navy Riverine Squadron One are currently conducting counter insurgency operations with the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit in Iraq's Al Anbar Province.Conducting operations based off of MEU intelligence products, the RIVRON is constantly patrolling the murky waters and canals of Lake Thar Thar in search of insurgent activities and opening lines of communications within the community. The RIVRON also takes the responsibilities of a boat raid company, which the MEU realigned to accommodate a forecasted mission in the desert. Seeing the Riverines in action gives the feel of a Hollywood special operations flick – complete with mud, rifles, jet boats and a rough-and-tumble cast.

    Understanding the Riverines is simple. Take a sailor from a weapons specialty, put him through Marine Corps School of Infantry, machine gunners course, a few civilian security courses and a boat school. Fly him to a war zone and place him directly into the fight. You now have a Riverine.

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