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    Saturday, July 07, 2007

    Dr.s as terrorists

    How could a doctor reconcile the ability to cure patients with the parallel desire to cause catastrophic injuries and death to as many people as possible? This conundrum is the clearest illustration of how utterly warped are the minds of Al Qaeda's tacticians and foot-soldiers.

    Now we have had a week to come to terms with the fact that qualified doctors and medical staff may be perfectly capable of healing the sick on a Friday and trying to shred their fellow human beings on a Saturday.

    No devilry is outside their scope, no perversion of humanity (killer doctors is about as twisted as it gets) beyond their imagination or creation.

    We are at war with genuine psychopaths, the Hannibal Lecters of religious fanaticism. As we learn that terror cells could be buried like cancers within the body of the NHS, we are peering into the very heart of darkness.

    ISLAM IS CUTTING THIS CANCER OUT, AND WITH SOME SUCCESS. USA will hunt al Qaeda like the Jews hunted the Nazis.


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