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    Monday, June 11, 2007

    Al-Qaeda's Shadowy Presence in India?

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    Al-Qaeda's Shadowy Presence in India?
    By Animesh Roul

    Once again, suspected Al Qaeda commanders claimed its presence in India, declaring jihad (Holy War) against the country and Kashmir as the gateway of Jihad against India' for the first time ever. In a video message, [received by a Jammu and Kashmir based local news agency Current News Service (CNS) on June 08], a masked man identified himself as Abu Abrahim Al Asim voiced the statement (in Urdu) on behalf of Abu Abdul Rehman Al Ansari, the suspected chief of the Al-Qaeda for India (Al-Qaeda-fill-Hind-AQH). Similar CDs were reportedly distributed byan unidentified man during Friday prayers at a Mosque at Gaw Kadal in Srinagar.

    The content of the CD:

    "America was trying to equip India with sophisticated arms and nuclear capability and Allah had already warned the Muslims against this unholy nexus among the infidels against the Muslims. America, Israel and other western nations in collaboration with India were trying to divide Kashmir to gain hegemony in the region and set up military bases in this region. We declare Jihad against India. Jammu and Kashmir shall be the gateway for such a Jihad."

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