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    Tuesday, January 06, 2009

    Hezbollah minding its business

    Hezbollah minding its business
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Jan 6, 2009

    Hezbollah minding its own business literally.

    In the last war in Lebanon there was over 4 billion
    USD damage, if I remember correctly.
    Thousands of Americans,
    and not one US hostage.

    This tells us several things.

    The money men in Lebanon wouldn't allow
    any hostage taking.
    They rebuilt Lebanon.

    They don't want to go thru those
    kind of losses again.

    Hezbollah won't cause overt problems.
    The money men fear billions in retaliation

    This point should not be lost on the JDF
    in Gaza, 4 miles by 20 miles.
    If the damage is high enough this alone
    may put the breaks in rocket attacks.
    Grab them by the purse strings.

    If Hezbollah does attack it will be a major operation.
    And could indicate major financial guarantees
    from Iran. And indicate Iran is going to join the war.

    Our paradigm Intel says Hezbollah will mind its own biz.

    Entry into the war by Hezbollah indicates a major paradigm shift
    and huge increase in the ante for the GWOT.
    And Iran's progress with thier nukes.

    Internet Anthropologist

    Old Hizbollah web sites:
    Most are down.

    Here's a list of the URLs mentioned :

    And the IPs for your network reconnaissance pleasure :





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